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National Taipei University of Technology Institute of Environmental Engineering and Management
資料所有者 資料標題 論文收錄分類 刊物名稱 發表日期(年、月) 附件
EI Proceeding of The 2004 World Engineers’ Convention 2004-11-01  
SCI Atmospheric Environment 2005-05-01  
ELSE1 工業污染防治季刊 2003-06-01  
SCI Jounal of Environmental Technology 2005-12-01  
ELSE1 Journal of Chinese Institute of Environmental Engineering 2005-12-01  
SCI Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association 2006-06-01  
SCI Waste Management and Research 2006-06-01  
SCI Waste Management and Research 2005-12-01 Transboundary Hazardous Waste Management, Part 1 Waste Management Policy of Importing Countries.doc
ELSE1 環保月刊 2002-07-01  
SCI Journal of Hazardous Materials, B128 2006-02-01 On-site Remediation of Mercury-Contaminated Soils by Using Thermal Desorption.doc
SCI Journal of Hazardous Materials 2004-04-01 An overview of recycling and treatment of scrap computers.doc
SCI Journal of Desalination 2005-04-01 Evaluation of wastewater reclamation processes in a high-tech industria park.doc
SCI Journal of Air&Waste Management Association 2005-04-01 Management and performance of Taiwan's waste recycling fund.doc
ELSE1 科技管理學刊 2004-09-01  
ELSE1 企銀季刊 2004-12-01 從京都機制之CO2排放交易制度談我國企業的因應之道.pdf
ELSE1 南師學報 2004-02-01  
ELSE1 工程科技通訊電子期刊 2003-05-01  
ELSE1 管理與教育研究學報 2003-03-01  
ELSE1 中華管理評論國際學報 2003-07-01  
ELSE1 運籌研究集刊 2003-08-01